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Antoaneta Toni Tsocheva About Me


I’m Antoaneta (Toni) Tsocheva

Mentor, Entrepreneur and Long-term Investor.

I am an entrepreneur and self-made businesswoman with over twenty years of experience.

I started my first business back in 2001, shortly after arriving in London. Since then, I have added numerous successful business ventures, entrepreneurial projects, and eco-friendly initiatives to my portfolio.

Despite my lack of formal financial education, I am also an accomplished real estate and Stock Market investor. I frequently host presentations and run several online platforms dedicated to financial independence and stability.

And here’s the punchline: Despite all of my success, I’m not all different from any one of the aspiring entrepreneurs out there. I just happened to have what it takes to succeed.

And so do you!

Everyone can do what I’ve done. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that you can do even better. Yes, that’s right – you can achieve everything that I did and more.

Because when I was getting started, I had no real outside help. I had no mentor, no guide and no real “role model” to talk to in the business world. I had to learn everything the hard way. So, I made mistakes. Dozens upon dozens of costly, time-consuming mistakes.

Had I had someone to show me the ropes, getting to where I am today would have been much simpler.

And this is precisely why I created this platform – to share my experience and to help others achieve their dreams as well.

I am here to help all ambitious individuals in their pursuits. To support them and to see them thrive. To help them build up their teams, get their businesses off the ground and get established as experts in their fields.

I achieve this by offering a wide range of mentoring and coaching programmes suitable for individuals of all levels – from freelancers and entrepreneurs all the way to managers and CEOs with years of experience under their belt.

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I can help you develop the skills necessary to take the next step in your career.

All you have to do is reach out. Take control of your life and book a private call with me.
Love Your Life
Wellness, sustainability and their place in the bigger picture

I am a big advocate for eco-friendliness and wellness because these concepts have some significant and practical benefits. And, let’s be real here – if you are not feeling well, you will have a hard time performing your best, not to mention enjoying the fruits of your labour. Of course, I’m oversimplifying things here, but that’s the basis of my reasoning.

If you are truly determined to succeed, you will quickly realise that your health is your biggest and most precious asset. If you take a moment to examine all of the successful people out there in the world, you will notice a trend – most of them are making conscious efforts to improve their health situation.

You see, I’m not saying these things just to ride the hype wave or collect clout for my eco-friendly statements. I personally adhere to every health, wellness, and sustainability advice you will find posted on this website. I genuinely believe that these shifts towards eco-friendliness are crucial, both on the individual and global scales.

Being a business leader does come with its perks, but it is a rather stressful position. I have to manage a lot of tasks, do quite a bit of networking and invest a ton of time into research. All of this takes its toll, and I can feel the weight of it with each passing day. Eventually, I realised that I needed to make positive changes in my life, and I needed to make them fast. And that’s where my eco-friendly journey began.

I quickly found myself completely enamoured with my new way of life. I was healthier, happier, more productive and full of energy. I felt inspired to write and talk about these positive changes, which prompted the creation of my first health and wellness platform. One thing led to another, and I ended up with my own green living brand and online store. But, for me, this particular project is much more than “just a side hustle”. It’s an important contribution to the digital space. It’s my way of giving back to the community and to Nature herself.

Check my HealthyLifeSide platform and learn more about how to stay healthy!

So that’s why I know that I can help others.  That is why I know the feeling of enough is enough, I know the pain of feeling like a loser, but I also know the joys of feeling like a winner.

Because I’ve lived through it all.

And now I want to share that with other people that I know they need it.

My daughter Dayana helped me to realised that I am a winner in so many ways, I do feel so proud of myself and my daughter.

Where am I now, and where’s my business right now? Well, we’ve got :

  • 6 Active business
  • Hundreds of people working at our businesses
  • Investing in properties since 2007
  • Actively investing in the stock market since 2014

I help people start their own businesses, people to start investing, and help them to change their lives. I’ve appeared on TV a couple of times, I was on “Rich House, Poor House”, I give interviews for magazines and newspapers …the kind of stuff you’d expect to be doing once you really take control of your life.

Female Entrepreneurs

And I want to help you understand how you can become even more of a winner too. So, wherever you are in your life right now, whether you are stuck, feeling lost, working in a job you dislike, living pay check-to-pay check, whatever. I’m here to tell you that. All it is possible. Your hopes, your dreams, you can achieve it all. You can make it happen.