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Business Mentoring

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Business Mentoring & Coaching & Consultations with Antoaneta (Toni) Tsocheva

I help aspiring entrepreneurs and established business leaders meet their goals. I use my extensive management and leadership experience to drive business growth and bring teams together. My approach is centered around delivering optimal value by placing you and your customers first.

When it comes to business planning, I believe that simplicity and efficacy trump complexity. I teach a customer-centric approach grounded in positivity, confidence and the ability to achieve. My goal is to help you bring your business to the next level in the most efficient way possible, and I do not believe that complex and convoluted plans really fit the bill here.

Who needs a business coach?

Simply put – everyone. There are thousands of inspirational success stories out there about people who manage to make it independently. As a matter of fact, my own business journey was quite similar – I placed the foundations of my first business and got it off the ground all on my own. I had no professional assistance or mentor figure to rely on. And while I am very proud of my achievements, I have to admit that things would have been much simpler and quicker had I had someone to help me out. Being a business leader is all about learning and improving all the time.

What Type of Business Coaching Can I Offer?

I provide exclusive one-one coaching sessions for freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers, team leaders and CEOs. I do this by using my own experience of over twenty years, coupled with an extensive understanding of leadership, marketing, sales and psychology. I work with aspiring leaders to help them establish themselves as experts in their respective fields, build trust, expand their networks and retain an active connection with their clients.

Where is the coaching held?

Currently, I offer digitally-hosted remote coaching sessions. I am open to working with you to schedule the appointments at the most convenient time for you. As soon as the lockdown situation relaxes a bit, you will also be able to benefit from in-person meetings at one of my London offices.

Are you ready to drop the hustle game, and grow your business in a way that’s aligned with your true self?

Business Questionnaire

    Are you satisfied with your current position?

    Do you believe that you are receiving enough recognition for your efforts?

    Would you change something about the company that you presently work in (or in companies that you have worked in the past)?

    Have you ever had to put teams together, lead or manage people before (in a professional setting)?

    Have you ever ran, led or managed a business before (yes, there IS a difference!)

    Would you say that you are a good judge of character?

    Are you good at working under pressure / dealing with stress?

    Can you keep your energy up over long hours (e.g. overtime at work)?

    Would you say that you make good judgements in your personal life?

    Can you deal with "tough" times?

    Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goals (time, energy, etc.)?

    Do you consider yourself a "glass half full" or a "glass half empty” person?

    Do you have a role model?


    Recruiters and interviewers have the tendency of asking "where do you see yourself in five years". And, yes, I know that this is a rather irritating question. So, I'm going to ask you "where would you want to be in five years?" instead. Try to be somewhat realistic, of course. Oh, and, try to keep it to five sentences or less, please.

    Do you have prior experience with marketing (be it digital or conventional)?


    Do you frequent Social Media?


    Do you follow any major businesses, brands, industry leaders or businesspeople?


    Most business people today believe that Social Media presence is crucial for any brand. Do you agree?


    Sell me on your business idea in 5 sentences or less.