How to live a minimalist life


Are you tired of dealing with clutter, tired of searching through heaps of items just to find the thing you need? Or maybe just tired of feeling tired? Do you want to improve your physical and mental health? How would you like to:

  • Get more out of your free time?
  • Spend less money?
  • Save more money?
  • Decrease your carbon footprint?
  • Adopt a more positive outlook on life?
  • Feel, look and be healthier?

If you answered with “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Stress-ridden, cluttered lifestyles, plagued by spending sprees are sadly a staple in the current day. This has had a horrible effect on our societies, degraded interpersonal relationships and caused numerous financial issues for people all around the world.

In this book, I’ll tell you about the problems, most commonly experienced by people uninitiated in the fine art of minimalism, and I’ll offer you the solutions. But … there’s a catch (and there always seems to be a catch, doesn’t it?) – you have to walk the way on your own! 


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Who am I, and how did I learn all of this?

My name is Antoaneta – I’m a Bulgarian-born, London-based business leader, green living blogger, eco-friendly enthusiast and success mentor. I’ve spent over twenty years building my businesses in the UK, and I faced a multitude of struggles. My life journey has been long and arduous, but along the way, I learned a great deal of things – about businesses, about myself and, most important of all – about the world at large. 

I discovered my love for green living and minimalism thanks to my business, but it didn’t take long for it to envelop my entire lifestyle. One day, I just woke up and decided that I’d had enough. I’d had enough with toxins, I’d had enough with stress, and I’d had enough with plastic items littering my home and office. And so, I got to work. I cleared out the plastics, I changed my routines, I got rid of the clutter, and I changed my entire outlook on life. Along the way, I also learned a thing or two about how to take better care of myself – I changed my eating habits, and I switched to Kangen Water. Now, I’m plastic, toxin and clutter-free. And I’ll show you how you can achieve that as well.  

All of this being said, please be warned that I’m neither a licenced medical professional nor any sort of qualified expert in the field. As a matter of fact, I’m not all that different from you – I’m just a concerned citizen of the world who is trying to lead a better life, free from clutter, stress and hassles. With this book, I will help you achieve this same thing.

Please note that even though everything that you’ll read on the following pages is based on my own research, I am not a fan of empty words. All of my claims are backed by case studies and scientific data that I’ve spent a long time looking into. 

I’m also a believer in slow and steady changes. I know that adjustments take time and I’m not going to urge you to immediately change your entire lifestyle overnight, because I know that simply won’t work! Instead, I’ll invite you to join me on my transformational journey and help you make your first steps along the path to a greener and cleaner life! 

Is this book for you?

This book is meant for everyone, looking to turn a new, healthier and happier page in their life. 

Do me a solid and, ask yourself – would you like to be:

  • Healthier?
  • Happier?
  • Safer?

If you’ve answered positively to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The time has come to take a firm stance against the stress, clutter and hassles, that pollute your everyday life. Stop gambling with your health and wellbeing. Make the right choice – both for yourself and your loved ones by grabbing your copy of “How to live a minimalist life”


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